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Tower Bridge in London

Often mistakenly called London Bridge, is one of the famous landmarks in London (United Kingdom). The bridge looks magnificent when lit up at night, with cars and pedestrians passing over it contiguously. The bridge consists of two towers tied together at the upper level by means of two horizontal walkways, which visitors can climb up to during daytimes.

Storm Breakwaters


The oceans around Cape Town can be very unpredictable, requiring storm breakwaters outside Kalk Bay Harbour. With the storms around the Cape of Good Hope a regular phenomenon, we were visiting Kalk Bay where the breakwaters kept the storm outside the harbour. It took a few tries before we caught the waves breaking over the harbour light beacon

Last of the Twelve Apostles

Some of the last Apostles still standing before the elements reclaim them. The rubble was a boulder standing before erosion tumbled it, leaving behind an impressive sight for tourist to see. Notice the scale of the picture by spotting the people standing on the ridge behind the barriers (top far right).

Death of Lord Nelson

The death of Lord Nelson remembered with marble sculptures on a facade in London. With all the majestic historic building around London, it is often overlooked by tourist walking through the city near Bank Station and the Bank of London

British Phone Booth


For a while it will be still a common scene in London that you often don’t notice the telephone booths (that might disappear soon) – everyday presents us with old opportunities to appreciate

Winter Mist Over the Bay


We woke up Sunday morning and found a thick mist hanging over Port Philip Bay (Melbourne, Australia). Obviously not something that happens often as many people came down to the bay and walked on the pier to look at the mist over the sea. Great photo opportunity presented and with a little bit of editing in Apple’s Aperture it looks quite dramatic.

Fisherman’s Net

We live so close to the beach where a small creek flows into the bay, often used by fishermen with their boats. This photograph was taken at the bay (known as Port Philip Bay, Melbourne) of one of the fishing boats docked in the creek.


Reeds in the Wind

The reeds blowing in the summer breeze complete our set of seasonal nature photographs. Taken on the way to Adelaide in January 2009 it was taken shortly before the big bush fires.


Reflections in the Park

Relaxing in Green Park (London) I took this photograph to capture the many people frequenting the park during the day. The mirages or reflections is that of individuals strolling through or sitting in the park


White Lavender Flowers

We were on holiday and exploring Melbourne when we found this farm that sold a range of lavender product. As we were the only people in the garden, were able to get some great photos the diverse range of lavender flowers with their different colours. A lot of bees made it an interesting afternoon.

Autumn Road Trip

An autumn photo taken in the mountains near Melbourne, we found a small “hidden” road frequented by the local residents mostly. It was great to explore different areas on this route, taking photographs to share at a later stage.

White Bunch of Flowers

One of our first photos of Tokyo, walking around during Christmas in this incredible city with millions of people. Flower shops had the most amazing arrangements, and I took a few photos - liked this white bunch of flowers

Dripping Green Leaves

Fresh new green leaves holds a special beauty for me, as they shows the start of the next “growth” season, but the leaves will again change and fade to make space again for green leaves next year. Maybe this strikes a chord with you as well:

One of the great lessons the fall of the leaf teaches, is this: do your work well and then be ready to depart when God shall call.

Tryon Edwards American (Theologian Quotes) 

Bright Maple Leaves

Central Tokyo is a busy city of build out of concrete, where the gardens provide the escape for people to still see nature. We travelled to Tokyo in December 2007 and explored the city for over a month, discovering many beautiful places.  I found this maple tree surrounded by concrete full of colour during a bleak season.

Bright Flower Arrangement

Another of our Tokyo flowers taken at a flower shop. Because it was December and mid-winter in Japan, the owners will put these bright flower arrangements outside for all to see and admire
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